Gabrielle Union is a ray of sunshine in Chocolate Twists, makeup-free and in a yellow bikini – see photos

Gabrielle Union thriving – and I really love to see it.

With summer just weeks away, the actor graced our Instagram feeds with four of the cutest bikini pics I’ve ever seen on May 5th, and suddenly I’m craving some sunshine and a nice walk outside. Union is staring straight at the camera, sitting cross-legged and her head in her right hand.

The Bring It On actress is makeup-free, with her chocolate-colored braids pulled up into a loose bun at the crown of her head. Some of the longer strands cascade down her back and blow in the wind.

Let’s talk about those poses for a second because wow. In the second photo, we get a side view of her body, complete with underbust (purr) as she stares up at the cloudy sky. In the third photo she smiles broadly with glowing skin and in the fourth she smiles more at us. And those abs—can they drop the core routine? Because she’s trained.

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